About us


Here at Ellenbogen Creative Media we think differently. Our diverse team possesses the skill, determination and creative solutions necessary to bring our clients’ productions to fruition. Working together daily in a state of the art creative space allows us to exceed expectations regularly and deliver more to our clients than they ever imagined.

The original, innovative tactics we use daily are changing the face of corporate video. We understand this is a human process and we strive to build relationships while doing great work. Our passionate and enthusiastic crew continues to stay updated on the latest technical solutions and new gear while committing ourselves to the highest level of customer service.
The Ellenbogen production crew is made up of eager individuals with real experience. We take on complex challenges while keeping a fun environment with a family-like culture. What fuels our creativity? Our valued clients, our energetic spirits and the constant flow Jolly Ranchers. The video production industry is changing everyday and as our Director of Photography says, “Your production is as good as your crew”.

You’ve found a Creative Partner that can cut through the clutter, creating a unique design and implementation strategy to deliver Results, every time.

Innovative methods of project management, production workflow, and content delivery.

Creative designs that are classy, contemporary, and consistent across the digital space.

Content that evokes emotion and shapes consumer behavior.

A company that has been around for 30 years, and made up of a dozen production staffers whose passion is the creation of digital media.

Find out why “we set the standards…then go beyond.”