Ellenbogen, in conjunction with FocusMedia develops a new television campaign for Ulster County Tourism targeted toward metro NY residents. The pre-production phase is underway. So far the development storyboards have been created and production will begin in a couple of weeks with a finished 30 sec spot just in time for Ulster’s tourism season to kick into high gear.

We finished the commercial after a three day shoot and our post-production team went right to work to meet the deadline of Monday 5/21 air date on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Here is a look at the final production:

Tischler Dental has launched (yet again) another revolutionary service offering for patients with missing teeth. Tischler is introducing the Prettau Bridge, the first company in the US to offer this product.  Ellenbogen was the first call when Dr. Tischler decided to work on a digital marketing campaign.  “We need a really good TV commercial and we need it immediately,” said Dr. Tischler.  In a week the Ellenbogen team had developed a concept, wrote two commercial scripts, organized the production, shot all the interviews and b-roll, and delivered the final edit ready for air.  “I love working with a creative team that knows exactly what I want and that is able to deliver it  when I need it,” said Tischler.

Ellenbogen is now working on accompanying videos to promote Tischler’s Prettau Bridge that will be prominent on the Tischler Dental.com website. Much of the footage for the videos were shot during the television commercial production process, another strength of Ellenbogen’s, integration and multi-purpose use of digital assets.

Since 2001, the team at Ellenbogen Creative have been working with Dr. Michael Tischler to produce the most elegant and effective television commercial campaigns. Dr. Tischler attributes much of his overwhelming success, as one of the leading dental practices in the country, to his clever commercial and website video content. This will be the fourth television campaign that Ellenbogen has produced for Tischler Dental. The previous campaigns were so successful that Tischler licensees the commercials to other dentists world-wide (the US, Europe, and Australia) for use on local tv channels.

visit www.tischlerdental.com

Here is one of the finished TV spots:

Tischler Dental- “Future of Dentistry” TV spot from Ellenbogen Creative on Vimeo.



NEW WINDSOR, N.Y. (March 29, 2012) – The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. (HVEDC) has welcomed a leading digital media professional to its board of directors.

Jeremy N. Ellenbogen, who is the president and CEO of the Ellenbogen Group, is an expert in the digital and media broadcast fields. He has over 18 years of experience in content strategy, creation and deployment, and he has built a client base that includes regional, national and international organizations across many different industries. The Ellenbogen Group is the fastest-growing digital media production company in the Hudson Valley, led by its team’s expertise in communicating key messages in any digital space.

In addition, the Ellenbogen Group has joined both the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance and NY BioHud Valley, as a founding member for each.

“I’m honored to be on the board of a great organization like HVEDC, and I look forward to bringing my years of digital media experience to the table and helping companies here in the Hudson Valley grow,” Ellenbogen said. “Through our participation with NY BioHud Valley and the Food & Beverage Alliance, we have already begun working with companies who are using our services, as we can offer high production value and a lower-cost alternative to working with a New York City company. The HVEDC is a valuable asset to the Hudson Valley.”

The Food & Beverage Alliance focuses on helping food and beverage companies in the region work together as strong partners and market their products all over the United States. Launched by the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. (HVEDC), the organization includes food businesses, farmers, vegetable growers, beverage makers, distributors and other organizations in the industry.

NY BioHud Valley acts as a partner to county, state and federal governments in fostering an environment that allows businesses in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to expand, while also attracting new companies to the Hudson Valley. It engages in pro-business advocacy designed to reduce legislative burdens, promotes collaboration between businesses and educational institutions and assists companies with access to venture capital.

“Mr. Ellenbogen and the Ellenbogen Group offer valuable expertise in the digital media world, something that many of the organizations in the Hudson Valley can utilize to market and grow their businesses,” said Mike Oates, President and CEO of the HVEDC. “We are very pleased to welcome them to the HVEDC, the Food & Beverage Alliance and NY BioHud Valley.”

About Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC): HVEDC represents seven counties in Hudson Valley. This public-private partnership markets the region as a prime business location to corporate executives, site selection consultants and real estate brokers. HVEDC also helped start the branding and promotional effort for NY BioHud Valley. For more information on Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation or to review available business sites, visit http://www.hvedc.com or call CEO Mike Oates at 845-220-2244.

About the Ellenbogen Group: The Ellenbogen Group is constantly on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing digital media industry, specializing in video and multimedia production. Its award-winning staff includes writers, producers, cinematographers, video editors, graphic designers, web developers and technology specialists. To learn more, visit http://www.ellenbogen.com/.

Commercial Capital Training Group, based in Albany,NY and Atlanta,GA have been using client video testimonials (produced by Ellenbogen) to show potential students how effective their training seminars are.

Since January 2012, Ellenbogen has been traveling the country (Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, Mississippi, and North Carolina) to produce several success stories of recent CCTG graduates.   Each testimonial video is between 5 and 10 minutes long and contains in-depth responses to pressing questions that many prospective students have in the vetting process. Kris Roglieri, president of CCTG said, “the testimonial videos are the best marketing component of our website.” and “although it would be cheaper to just find a local crew in each city, I know that the (high) quality is going to be consistent by using the Ellenbogen Creative team.”

Techie Stuff:  The videos were shot with a Cannon 5D Mk2 DLSR camera so the imagery is very smooth and film-looking with crisp, clear audio recording and a music track. The editing process used Final Cut Pro and AfterEfx.

About CCTG:  Commercial Capital Training Group has been training entrepreneurs from all walks of life in the commercial finance marketplace for many years. They are a premier, one-of-a-kind training company that provides the most comprehensive commercial finance training and education in the commercial finance marketplace. CCTG’s  7 day seminar is creating a new breed of entrepreneurs in the commercial finance marketplace.


Watch the testimonial videos on CCTGs website

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