As the nation celebrates nurses this month, Health Quest/Vassar Brothers Medical Center honored its nursing staff with a very special tribute video
highlighting those who give their all every day to help save lives. Over the course of three days, the Ellenbogen Creative team covered the hospital
grounds, capturing moments reflecting a day in the life of a nurse. We interviewed more than a dozen members of the nursing staff and really got a feel for what it means to say, “I’m a nurse at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.”

“When you walk through the halls and see smiling faces and cheery greetings, it’s hard to believe that these heroes were on the tail end of an 18-hour shift. During that shift they’ve seen new life and patient breakthroughs … but they’ve also seen trauma, broken bones and heartache. … And yet, they still smile. Genuine smiles,” Ellenbogen Group production manager Amanda Popovich said, noting that it’s proof they love what they do!

John Nelson, Director of Public and Community Affairs for Health Quest, couldn’t agree more. “We have amazing, highly trained nurses here at Vassar Brothers Medical Center who come to work every day, not just because it’s their job … but because it’s their calling! We wanted to celebrate them, to create a video that tells their story, expresses their passion for nursing and reflects the pride they have in Vassar Brothers. We feel Ellenbogen did a great job capturing that!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO Jeremy Ellenbogen was honored to have been chosen to work on this project. “It’s always a pleasure working with such an exceptional group of professionals that have the same drive and passion for their field that we do. Health Quest has a stellar reputation and to be chosen as a company that meets their standards, needs and requirements says a lot!”

The Nurse’s Week video premiered at a reception honoring Vassar’s 718 nurses and was well-received with smiles, tears and emotion. All of us at Ellenbogen Creative Media offer a huge ‘Thank you!’ to all nurses for not only saving lives, but for offering the comfort needed during recovery.

About the process:
Our crew got a taste of what it’s like to be a nurse in the operating rooms. We had to don full sterile wardrobe coverings, hairnets and booties. Zoltan David, our director of photography, loved it the most and continues to wear the sterile uniform on all shoots.


Our crew used full HD gear, a dana dolly, wheelchair, and time-lapse video during the production process. Health Quest was a huge help with scheduling the nurse interviews and working endlessly to secure appropriate empty space to shoot b-roll scenes throughout the campus. A big ‘Thank you!’ to John and his team for being so accommodating!


Vassar Brothers Nurses Final from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.

Travel Log: Day 2

Our calendar says it’s Spring…but the Catskills felt differently. It snowed today. April in New York – and it snowed. I guess our team wasn’t prepared for the snow as the communication transfer included two phrases, “It’s snowing” and “I just fell again.” But we carried on and completed today’s mission. Two targets: Catskill Fly Fishing Museum and the Sullivan County Historical Museum.

My team and I woke at sunrise and started the journey to Livingston Manor. We forged streams, slipped on rocks and trekked through snow. We made it on time for the first cast event. We learned a lot from the local folk like how to tie a fly. This is an art in itself and will stay with us forever. We also joined the other die hard sportsmen for the annual first cast event. They were searching for fish with precision and patience as we were searching for the perfect shots of them with creativity and clarity. They were mostly kids, but skilled sportsmen nonetheless…just like us. First cast scored a huge marlin for one 8 year old. Second cast brought in a great white shark to a deserving teen. We’re told that’s common in these parts of the Valley…or so the tale goes.

On to the next target: Hurleyville. A small town with a huge museum. As we entered the massive museum we stood in wonderment of its beauty. It’s here that we learned everything there is to know about Sullivan County’s rich history. This beautiful museum houses a detailed timeline starting from the original Native American settlers all the way up to today’s history makers. All of the memorabilia are original artifacts from Civil War times to farm life in the 18th century. It took everything in us not to touch…but rules are rules.

Today’s Mission: debunk fish tales and figure out a way to get on the Sullivan County Historical Museum’s timeline.

Hear ye, hear ye. Ellenbogen Creative Media has embarked on the PATH Through History! Follow our crew as we gather assets highlighting 49 historic landmarks throughout Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Sullivan counties. As our journey progresses through 2015, our travel log will be updated. Don’t fret if you don’t see an entry till warmer weather breaks…our crew is just fine, they are simply battling the snow and ice for now.

Travel Log: Day 1
Our fearless crew set out at dawn armed with all the necessary gear to shoot the intended targets: Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie which was the home of Samuel Morse inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code, Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh the very spot where General George Washington helped shape the American republic by rejecting the idea he should be king after the war and The Senate House in Kingston which was used as the permanent meeting space for the Senate after the New York Constitution was ratified in 1777, right here in Kingston, NY.

With camera in hand and lights in the ‘on’ position…day one has begun.

Today’s Mission: don’t touch anything! As a creative team, we always look for the best angles, unique prop placement and perfect light. Telling our director of photography he can’t move anything is like holding a new shiny toy in front of a child and telling them they can’t play with it! But we know our limits and respect the historical boundaries we are tied to. The temptation only makes us stronger!

One of the areas that Ellenbogen Creative Media focuses on is the dental industry thanks to a great partnership with Dr. Michael Tischler and the Prettau Implant Bridge. Since it’s been introduced to patients in the United States, we’ve been helping Dr. Tischler promote and market the up and coming brand to dentists across the country. One of those dentists is Dr. Glen Goldstein of Randolph Dental in Randolph, New Jersey.

Dr. Goldstein attended one of Dr. Tischler’s Prettau seminars and said, “They helped build a very successful practice for Dr. Tischler. After seeing their work and what they did promoting the Prettau bridge for him I knew that working with them would be a perfect fit for our practice.”

Through the use of patient testimonials, on camera interviews and scripted informational videos, we were able to provide Randolph Dental with marketing ammunition aimed to attract new patients to a higher profit product which ultimately yields growth for his practice. We produced a television commercial which will run on Cablevision in Northern New Jersey, and also shot still photos for use in print and the website. Jeremy Ellenbogen couldn’t be happier with the results, “Dr. Goldstein did everything exactly as we planned. He picked fantastic case studies for the testimonial videos, stuck to the planned schedule and had his office prepped to look beautiful on the day of the shoot. We love when clients are as excited as we are to create! It makes the end product look that much better!”

In post production, our editor and motion graphics designer, Andy Pidanick, brought out the creativity with a unique graphics treatment. “Motion tracking adds a different approach to most dental commercials. It’s always a fun thing to do.” That combined with beautiful HD visuals, we produced very effective videos.

Ellenbogen Production Manager, Amanda Popovich, was on set for the two-day shoot and appreciated the enthusiasm. “Dr. Goldstein and his team were great! They loved seeing the behind the scenes action and were always ready to help us move things, jump on camera for b-roll shots and make our time there a lot of fun! We send a big ‘thank you’ to Randolph Dental for the warm hospitality!”

If Dr. Goldstein could think of one word to describe his video shoot experience it would be: “Outstanding! The final productions were outstanding! Needless to say I am very impressed with every facet of their work. If you want to promote yourself and your services Ellenbogen is the go-to company.” You can see all of Randolph Dental’s videos on their website:

Randolph Dental 30 second Prettau from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.

The gavel has come down on another year of meetings of the Ulster County Legislature. As we sit here making a DVD of the thirteen meetings (twelve monthly and one special meeting in October) we can’t help but reflect on some of the highlights of the year.
The Ulster County Legislature was busy. They passed a $334.5 million budget while voting on over 450 resolutions. They fine-tuned a dog tethering law and voted to suspend Common Core educational standards. They also listened to the year long public comments on the Railroad vs. Rail Trail debate. Minority Leader Kenneth J. Ronk Jr. even attended the November 18th meeting via Skype from a cruise ship in the Caribbean. We were there to witness all of it. You could have seen all the meetings too, but unlike us you never had to leave your home. We Livestreamed every one of them.
What is Livestream you ask? Livestream is a program that let’s us webcast the Legislative meetings in real time over the internet. To Livestream the meeting we set up two cameras in the Legislative chamber. One camera faces Chairman John R. Parete and the other one faces the legislators. Those cameras are connected to our Blackmagic switcher rack along with an audio feed of all the microphones in the room. A Mac laptop is used to control the switcher and a Livestream box is connected to the internet to webcast in HD quality video.
The Ulster County Legislature isn’t the only place we webcasted from this year. We webcasted from two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world as well as the Culinary Institute of America (C.I.A). We also webcasted a Hudson Valley American Cancer Society event as well as a kids TV show.
So as the ink dries on the DVD of another year’s worth of meetings we can’t help but look forward to seeing what 2015 will bring to the Ulster County legislature. By the way, if you want to watch the Livestream webcast of the Legislature meetings on your computer or smartphone go to and click on the Meeting Webcast page. If you actually want to see a meeting live come by and say hi. One of us will be behind a camera and the other will be in the back of the room behind the monitor in the Ellenbogen shirt wearing headphones.

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