MetroVac 75th Anniversary Video

Project Details

Client: The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, Inc.

Agency: Focus Media, Inc.

Directors: Lisa Kelly and Bridget Clark

Director of Photography and Editor: Alexander Pearson

Production Assistant: Brian Dyke

Intern: Samantha Noldy

The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, Inc. or MetroVac for short, a three generation family business out of Suffern, NY is celebrating 75 years of business and Focus Media and Ellenbogen Group were there to help them celebrate! The team first had a hands on look at the products including vacuums made for both carpet and wood floors, handheld vacuums for messes around the house, an air compressor for cleaning delicate spaces, and they also saw a demonstration of the sucking power of the vacuum by simply attaching the vacuum to a blank wall. The video also talks to the founders and employees at MetroVac and their experiences working with a 75 year family business.