Daniel Weintraub- Freelance Producer | Director | Editor

Daniel Weintraub

Daniel Weintraub- An accomplished director, producer, editor, compositor, colorist, and effects artist, Daniel does it all. For over 20 years Daniel has worked on all formats under the sun; from award winning short films, commercials and promos to TV shows to music videos and documentaries. He has worked with the likes of Comedy Central, MTV, Voom, HBO, Nikelodeon, VH1, Food Network, NBC, Discovery, Travel Channel, HBO Documentaries, Canon, American Express, Band-Aid, Tylenol, Gillette, Chuck E Cheese, Lycra. Then there is the Music side. He’s been a performing musician and recording engineer for nearly 20 years, recording records for bands in New York City and the Hudson Valley. In addition, he is experienced in the field of sound design and mixing for picture. He’s responsible for keeping Ellenbogen creative ahead of the curve as well as adding his 360 degree editing mastery and supervision on final projects.

A recent transplant to the Hudson Valley, he makes his home in Accord, NY where he also happens to be a coach for his son’s soccer team. Currently Daniel plays with his rock band Talula! and is producing and directing a feature length documentary on Kingston resident and world famous composer Pauline Oliveros – other then that Daniel’s pretty boring.