Jeremy N. Ellenbogen | President and CEO

Jeremy Ellenbogen
He had a vision…and made it a reality!  As CEO and President of Ellenbogen Creative Media, Jeremy Ellenbogen, leads our crew by encouraging creativity, fostering teamwork and demanding results!  He lives by the mantra, “Set the standards, then go beyond,” and beyond he does!  Not only in video production…but for his team with spur of the moment basketball games, ice cream and pizza deliveries and the staff favorite:  half day Fridays during the summer!  (We’re hoping he reads this and thinks it’s a great idea!  Go Jeremy!)  Jeremy started his company as a stand-alone producer, videographer and editor focusing on television commercials for local businesses.  He saw the tremendous potential for video production services and ran with it, creating what is today the largest media production house in the area.  He serves on over a dozen local boards to help boost the area’s economy, reputation and spirit!  He has built a clientele base circling the globe and is in touch with NASA negotiating to expand that further.  Although Jeremy is never seen without his phone, it’s not all work and no play for the outdoor enthusiast!  Gardening, snowshoeing and hiking are a few of the many hobbies this nature lover enjoys!   You might also find him and his two dogs camping around the Catskills, attending outdoor music festivals or hanging out at a local tavern with some friends!