Zoltan David | Director of Photography

Zoltan David

Hollywood has one less Director of Photography, but we got him!  Zoltan left the glitz and glamour of the feature film industry to focus on raising his family and landed in our backyard!  Missing the excitement and energy, he stumbled upon Ellenbogen and hasn’t looked back!  As, Director of Photography ‘Zoli’ is the creative vision behind the lens always trying to ‘one-up’ himself with each project he takes on.  A serious craftsman, Zoltan is constantly researching new technology and modern trends in video.  Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, he often attempts to teach us his native language.  However, knowing him as we do, we’re not sure if we’re greeting neighbors a good day or if we are extremely proficient in Hungarian profanity.  Outside of work, Zoltan enjoys cooking, playing piano and spending time with his wife and daughters.

You can find Zoltan David on IMDB for a  listing of his feature film credits.