The Ellenbogen team just wrapped production of the 2012 United Way of Dutchess and Orange County, campaign video.

The video was shown at their annual kick-off event and is used to set the stage for individual meetings and presentations at companies and organizations throughout the campaign drive.

The concept of this video shows how we can all help to “re-draw” the lines that divide the “haves” and the “have-nots” in our region.  These connecting lines of help, caring, and financial support, can bring all of us closer, making for a better community as a whole.

This is Ellenbogen’s fifth campaign kickoff video for the United Way, working with Toolbelt Media, and we feel it is the most powerful one yet.
Every shot was done in the Hudson Valley by our production team, and not one image was stock footage. We shoot all the footage with a Canon 5D MKII camera with the use of specialty “shift and tilt” lens system to get that very unique moving focus and shallow depth of field. In post production we added a special slow motion and color grading to make the video really smooth. Helicopter aerial video footage courtesy Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp, shot by Ellenbogen in 2011

Cast and Crew:

Talent for the video was proved by United Way

Written by Steven Berner, and Judith Brush
Jeremy Ellenbogen was the executive producer
Zoltan David was the director and cinematographer
Edited by Alex Pierson
and sound by Eric Jacobs
Narrated by Steve Berner

We feel this piece is really simple yet highly impactful, enjoy!