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Our Story

By 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video [Cisco study]. That means that it would take the average person 5 million years to view the same quantity of video that will cross the digital airwaves in a single month.

Trade secret? Our commitment to you, plain and simple. Producing video that fits your brand persona is the easy part. We’re dedicated to crafting distinctive, compelling creative content that is properly deployed to reach your target audience and generate a measurable response. From start to finish, Ellenbogen Creative Media becomes your strategic video marketing partner. Your brand becomes our brand. Our success is measured by your success.

The key to this success lies in our ability to guide the overall video marketing strategy, and analyze the associated results to ensure a positive ROI. The video production market is flooded with producers eager to execute specific client requests without investing in truly understanding your company and its goals. While we have and will continue to produce standalone projects, our ability to create the greatest value for you is directly tied to active strategic engagement.

Video is our life, and has been for over two decades. We have developed extensive expertise with a wide array of tools and in the most cutting-edge techniques, all of which is used appropriately to produce your unique campaign.

Our niche exists where captivating content meets targeted execution. Our team of expert storytellers understands and leverages the psychology behind decision-making, harnessing the full power of the creative narrative. A script is only as good as its execution. Top-notch producers are then tasked with turning the creative narrative into reality, using cinematic techniques and years of expertise to stitch together the individual threads of emotion-evoking performance. And we do it all in-house.

The end result? A strategic, cinematic video that is targeted to its audience, and stands out. The results will speak for themselves.