For almost a year now, our crew has been shooting various tourist hotspots in Dutchess County to include in the new tourism ad campaign about to launch across New York State! This is the first time Dutchess has used a professional video platform to help promote the county and we are proud to be a part of it by providing three television ads, five long form web videos and a b-roll archive for future projects! From the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Sinterklaas Celebration and zip lining to beautiful working farms and historic State Parks, we shot everything spectacular there is to see and do in Dutchess County! Making your day in Dutchess jam-packed with history, shopping and a lot of outdoor fun!

The tourism board used local ad agency BBG&G Advertising to create and manage the multi-media campaign, who in turn acquired the professional skills of Ellenbogen Creative Media to carry out the video portion needed. We worked on the entire digital platform providing not only exciting video, but still images as well to incorporate into print and web marketing efforts. Gathering all of the assets was a tremendous task that BBG&G Advertising President, Debbe Garry, took part in every step of the way. “There is so much to see and do in Dutchess! The crew and I had a blast visiting the historic homes, museums, farm markets, fairs, unique shops…even the CIA. We’re very lucky to have so much culture and entertainment right at our fingertips! It’s impossible to capture it all…but I think we did a great job representing Dutchess County Tourism!”

Director of Photography, Zoltan David, managed the equipment needed and worked on shot creativity for all 14 days of the shoot. “It was a massive undertaking to plan equipment for both indoor and outdoor shots. Thankfully, most of our work was done on the ground, but we did also charter a helicopter to get some amazing aerial shots up and down the Hudson. It was exhilarating hanging off of a chopper swooping the Walkway Over The Hudson…with only a safety strap holding me in!” Thanks to having the proper gear and ability to utilize an air crew, Zoltan was able to get amazing shots at some truly beautiful locations! Zoltan also sends a special thank you to both Debbe Garry and Nancy Lutz of the DC Tourism office for all of their work in selecting sites and locations, coordinating shoot schedules, and getting permits, people, and props in place! They were both a tremendous help!

After viewing the hours of footage and hearing the crew talk of the fun adventures they captured each day, Ellenbogen Group CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, reflects on life in the Hudson Valley. “Living in the Hudson Valley, you tend to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. Working on this project really gave us a greater appreciation of the area! ‘Everything right in your backyard’ is not an understatement! Capturing all of this and creating web videos so people outside of our area can see what we have to offer is the best tool a tourism board could have on their side! There’s nothing better than strong visuals to help tourism efforts!”

Spanning over 14 days of shooting and using all of our crew, we utilized every camera in our inventory including GoPro cameras, a drone helicopter, a chartered helicopter and the talents of Dutchess County residents and employees! This was definitely a large undertaking, but one we were able to have fun with and capture the essence of history and fun that is Dutchess County!

Seeing what a great tool the videos are providing to be, The Ellenbogen Group has been contracted to shoot even more footage in 2014! We are excited to continue our relationship with both Dutchess County Tourism and BBG&G Advertising!

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