The latest dental technology on the market is the Prettau Implant Bridge! Dr. Gustavo Garces of Grand Dental had the idea to spread the word about this, as well as his general dental services, to more than one demographic. “I was confident that the staff at Ellenbogen would go above and beyond to work with me to accomplish this task!” states Dr. Garces.

Ellenbogen hit the target by producing six national-looking videos that not only spread the word but also reached not one, not two, but three target markets! They produced these commercials in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Ellenbogen crew worked on a full campaign for Dr. Garces consisting of TV commercials and testimonial videos. The shoot took place in Englewood, New Jersey. Two commercials were produced which included one technology commercial and one Prettau Implant Bridge commercial. These were completed in three languages, resulting in 6 commercials. The English speaking market was targeted first, the Portuguese market targeted the entire East coast, and the Spanish market was specific to areas in Northern Jersey.

One of Ellenbogen members, Ricardo Pineda, who is fluent in Spanish, was a huge asset on this project. He was able to translate on the fly and make sure that the testimonials were accurate and report back to the crew. He also collaborated with Ellenbogen Senior Editor, Alex Pearson, in the post production process.

All footage was shot over the course of one day by Ellenbogen’s cinematographer, Zoltan David. Four patient testimonials were shot as well as footage throughout the office using a camera slider, which gave a unique look. Wide-angle lenses were used to make the rooms look larger, welcoming and warm.

In addition to filming, Ellenbogen crew did a full redesign of Dr. Garces’ logo, translated the script into Spanish and Portuguese and casted voice talents for each language. The challenge was to make sure the translation was accurate. Ellenbogen’s Producer and Writer, Amanda Popovich was able to accomplish this in-house and then take that translated script and cast the best voice talents for the project. Along with this, accurate graphics in all three languages were created.

“This is the first time we have done a project in three different languages,” says Jeremy Ellenogen, President & CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media. “With the growing Hispanic market, it is important that production companies know how to reach multiple markets, even if the company is not Spanish speaking. Each culture is watching television channels that are specific to their native language.”

There’s more to come! Be on the lookout for the sequel! Individual testimonial videos are being produced and will be available on the Grand Dental website in three languages.