Television Commercial

While filming a commercial for the powerful and efficient MetroVac Air Force Commander, a lightweight and portable pet hair dryer, Ellenbogen Creative Media got to work with some new gear and some very special talent: a slow motion camera and our new furry pawed friend, Prima! Let’s also not forget the very talented human actors on set that day as well, Cathy and Dylan!

Working with any type of animal can be a real hassle, but with the help of expert pet trainers, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe, Prima was everything but a prima donna. Prima was on point and had high spirits throughout the entire shoot. She played in the sprinkler, rolled in the mud and especially enjoying being pampered with the Air Force Commander!

Focus Media has been handling the advertising and public relations needs of MetroVac for years and brought Ellenbogen Creative Media into the mix to work on their video productions. Director of Marketing Services for Focus Media, Bridget Clark, directed the shoot. “This is one of many videos we’ve collaborated on and it may well be one of my favorites! We had it all…dogs, kids, hired talent, specialty gear and even menacing clouds! We wanted to highlight the power behind this product and the only way possible is to show it in action. Bring on the dog!”

Metrovac has an incredible line of commercial vacuums and dryers available, and the Metrovac Air Force Commander, available in several new colors, is a stand out amongst pet owners! These dryers work so fast, the hardest part of the shoot was keeping Prima wet enough for continuity! No matter where the scenes moved, the dryer was easy to relocate due to its small size and its surprisingly low weight. Even six year old Dylan had fun with it making sure to test each speed level on his own hair!

Knowing the Air Force Commander’s potential, we knew ordinary camera shots wouldn’t be enough. We brought in the big guns with the Black Magic URSA in order to capture amazing slow motion footage. Which Director of photography, Zoltan David, loves the impact of slow motion in video, “I loved working with the URSA. It really makes a difference to the end product when you can incorporate images that are different or unexpected. Slow motion shots of a dog shaking and being dried off …where water is slowly spraying off of them looks phenomenal!”

What also looked great were the jib arm shots from above the action. Ellenbogen CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, always pushes for the extra-ordinary, “If we have access to the tools…we should use them. Create shots that are appealing to the eye and show the product in action. Anybody can point a camera and shoot…it’s what you do with the camera that makes the difference. It’s an art…and we have very experienced artists at Ellenbogen Creative!”

Just your typical Wednesday at Ellenbogen Creative Media!

One of the areas that Ellenbogen Creative Media focuses on is the dental industry thanks to a great partnership with Dr. Michael Tischler and the Prettau Implant Bridge. Since it’s been introduced to patients in the United States, we’ve been helping Dr. Tischler promote and market the up and coming brand to dentists across the country. One of those dentists is Dr. Glen Goldstein of Randolph Dental in Randolph, New Jersey.

Dr. Goldstein attended one of Dr. Tischler’s Prettau seminars and said, “They helped build a very successful practice for Dr. Tischler. After seeing their work and what they did promoting the Prettau bridge for him I knew that working with them would be a perfect fit for our practice.”

Through the use of patient testimonials, on camera interviews and scripted informational videos, we were able to provide Randolph Dental with marketing ammunition aimed to attract new patients to a higher profit product which ultimately yields growth for his practice. We produced a television commercial which will run on Cablevision in Northern New Jersey, and also shot still photos for use in print and the website. Jeremy Ellenbogen couldn’t be happier with the results, “Dr. Goldstein did everything exactly as we planned. He picked fantastic case studies for the testimonial videos, stuck to the planned schedule and had his office prepped to look beautiful on the day of the shoot. We love when clients are as excited as we are to create! It makes the end product look that much better!”

In post production, our editor and motion graphics designer, Andy Pidanick, brought out the creativity with a unique graphics treatment. “Motion tracking adds a different approach to most dental commercials. It’s always a fun thing to do.” That combined with beautiful HD visuals, we produced very effective videos.

Ellenbogen Production Manager, Amanda Popovich, was on set for the two-day shoot and appreciated the enthusiasm. “Dr. Goldstein and his team were great! They loved seeing the behind the scenes action and were always ready to help us move things, jump on camera for b-roll shots and make our time there a lot of fun! We send a big ‘thank you’ to Randolph Dental for the warm hospitality!”

If Dr. Goldstein could think of one word to describe his video shoot experience it would be: “Outstanding! The final productions were outstanding! Needless to say I am very impressed with every facet of their work. If you want to promote yourself and your services Ellenbogen is the go-to company.” You can see all of Randolph Dental’s videos on their website:

Randolph Dental 30 second Prettau from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.

Our crew packed their bags and left snowy, cold New York for a video shoot in sunny, warm West Palm Beach, Florida!

We’ve been working with Dr. Jay Ajmo of PGA Dental for a while helping him promote his dental practice and the Prettau Implant Bridge.  Dr. Ajmo is a strong proponent for video marketing and has seen much success with the addition of web videos on his site.  “The folks at Ellenbogen never fail to impress me!  The quality they put out is top notch.  My videos are standouts!  Potential patients being able to see me, listen to my passion for dentistry and see what they’re in for beforehand is a big plus for them and ultimately me.”  And that is why videos are so important.  Videos allow patients a tiny step into your practice.  And of course, you want to put your best foot forward!  That’s where The Ellenbogen Group comes in!

We spent two days working with Dr. Ajmo and several of his patients gathering interviews, patient testimonials, dental office footage, and high quality photographs .  We utilized a Dana Dolly for added subtle motion to already beautiful shots and spent time shooting off-site for that personal feel to the patient testimonials.  Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, talks about pride in our work, “We always put in that extra effort to make our work stand out.  Be it set design, lighting or camera movement, you can tell when videos are done by professionals who know what they’re doing…and when videos are done just to get it done.”  Not only do we create effective videos, we foster great relationships!   “Jay was very hospitable to our crew as always!  Being from out of the area he made us feel welcome and showed us around town!”

Dr. Ajmo received three web videos and three television ads that he is currently running on both Broadcast and Cable.  As soon as he is ready to expand his video library, our crew will be more than happy to make the trip!



For almost a year now, our crew has been shooting various tourist hotspots in Dutchess County to include in the new tourism ad campaign about to launch across New York State! This is the first time Dutchess has used a professional video platform to help promote the county and we are proud to be a part of it by providing three television ads, five long form web videos and a b-roll archive for future projects! From the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Sinterklaas Celebration and zip lining to beautiful working farms and historic State Parks, we shot everything spectacular there is to see and do in Dutchess County! Making your day in Dutchess jam-packed with history, shopping and a lot of outdoor fun!

The tourism board used local ad agency BBG&G Advertising to create and manage the multi-media campaign, who in turn acquired the professional skills of Ellenbogen Creative Media to carry out the video portion needed. We worked on the entire digital platform providing not only exciting video, but still images as well to incorporate into print and web marketing efforts. Gathering all of the assets was a tremendous task that BBG&G Advertising President, Debbe Garry, took part in every step of the way. “There is so much to see and do in Dutchess! The crew and I had a blast visiting the historic homes, museums, farm markets, fairs, unique shops…even the CIA. We’re very lucky to have so much culture and entertainment right at our fingertips! It’s impossible to capture it all…but I think we did a great job representing Dutchess County Tourism!”

Director of Photography, Zoltan David, managed the equipment needed and worked on shot creativity for all 14 days of the shoot. “It was a massive undertaking to plan equipment for both indoor and outdoor shots. Thankfully, most of our work was done on the ground, but we did also charter a helicopter to get some amazing aerial shots up and down the Hudson. It was exhilarating hanging off of a chopper swooping the Walkway Over The Hudson…with only a safety strap holding me in!” Thanks to having the proper gear and ability to utilize an air crew, Zoltan was able to get amazing shots at some truly beautiful locations! Zoltan also sends a special thank you to both Debbe Garry and Nancy Lutz of the DC Tourism office for all of their work in selecting sites and locations, coordinating shoot schedules, and getting permits, people, and props in place! They were both a tremendous help!

After viewing the hours of footage and hearing the crew talk of the fun adventures they captured each day, Ellenbogen Group CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, reflects on life in the Hudson Valley. “Living in the Hudson Valley, you tend to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. Working on this project really gave us a greater appreciation of the area! ‘Everything right in your backyard’ is not an understatement! Capturing all of this and creating web videos so people outside of our area can see what we have to offer is the best tool a tourism board could have on their side! There’s nothing better than strong visuals to help tourism efforts!”

Spanning over 14 days of shooting and using all of our crew, we utilized every camera in our inventory including GoPro cameras, a drone helicopter, a chartered helicopter and the talents of Dutchess County residents and employees! This was definitely a large undertaking, but one we were able to have fun with and capture the essence of history and fun that is Dutchess County!

Seeing what a great tool the videos are providing to be, The Ellenbogen Group has been contracted to shoot even more footage in 2014! We are excited to continue our relationship with both Dutchess County Tourism and BBG&G Advertising!

For more information on how you can have ‘Your Day In Dutchess!’ visit:

Drs. Jessica and Robert Logan, of Integrated Dental Aesthetics, were looking for a way to reach potential clients and share information about the services he offers. The challenge was how to effectively reach a wide market. This is when they turned to Ellenbogen Creative Media.

After analyzing Dr. Logan’s need the Ellenbogen crew put together a personalized full marketing package. This included two TV commercials, four web videos, digital print collateral, and a microsite featuring client testimonials and various shots of the Prettau implant bridge process. Ellenbogen integrated Dr. Logan’s existing brand with the new one to create a seamless new look.

Dr. Logan’s campaign has proven to be successful with many new inquiries leading to new Prettau patients.

One inquiry that Dr. Logan received was from another doctor, who saw the commercial and wanted to know who did the ad. He was surprised to hear that it wasn’t created by a NYC company. Now Ellenbogen is taking care of their needs.

“One of the best compliments you can get is having another doctor call to ask who did the ad!” exclaimed Jeremy Ellenbogen, President & CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media. “I wanted to make sure that every shot was moving. We created a lot of the shots using flowers in the foreground, making the spots look soft and beautiful. It was elegantly lit giving it a comforting feel. This is a subtle but effective technique.”

Doing an integrated marketing package really keeps the messaging cohesive. It’s all in the small details! That’s what is important. All the little extras that the Ellenbogen crew added made this rich and beautiful looking.

The video was shot over the course of one day on location in Kinnelon, New Jersey. A microsite for the Prettau Implant Bridge was also created, making use of all the elements by incorporating text from the scripts, photos from the photo shoot, and all the videos that were shot as well.

When the news came out that Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., with a respected, 100-year history of service in New York, was to be acquired by the Canadian company Fortis Inc, some concerns and reservations were expressed by a segment of the community.  To reassure the public that the only changes would be for the better, and that the same people they knew and had come to trust would still be providing the kind of service they could always count on, Central Hudson turned to Ellenbogen Creative Media to help present that message.

In this 30-second commercial that began airing soon after the transaction was completed, Central Hudson employees are shown at work, at home, and being actively involved in volunteer activities throughout the Hudson Valley.  “…. Just as they’ve always done,” said Central Hudson’s Director of Corporate Communications Paul Tesoro, who wrote, directed and narrated the spot.

“The reason I turned to Ellenbogen for assistance once again is because I know that they are able to understand and capture my concept, and produce a first-quality finished product that communicates clearly to the audience,” Tesoro continued. “Plus, they are all great to work with.”

Jeremy Ellenbogen, President and CEO shared,  “With mergers and business deals happening all the time, we sometimes feel that people are forgotten in the process.  What we captured with this video reassures us that at Central Hudson, it’s People first!”

Actual Central Hudson people, all local area residents, are featured in the commercial, including one employee seen saying goodbye to his wife and daughter in his own driveway as he goes off to work in the morning, and then later coaching actual members of his girl’s AAU basketball team, and returning to his home in the evening. In other scenes, several CH employees who run the company’s charitable food drives for the less fortunate were filmed at The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley’s warehouse; and another employee is seen who devotes time, when he is off-duty, to his local volunteer fire department. In addition, some Central Hudson electric linemen, gas crews, and a customer service rep are all shown on the job.

Using a soft lighting system for shadowless lighting, Jib Arm crane for sweeping camera moves, time-lapse video techniques, and Canon DSLR cameras, Ellenbogen created a heartfelt 30-second commercial.

Ellenbogen hired local talent for the video.  The script was written, directed and narrated by Paul Tesoro, Director of Corporate Communications at Central Hudson and shot by cinematographers, Zoltan David and Dennis O’Clair.  Editing and post-production work was provided by Ellenbogen’s Eric Jacobs.

Since 1924, HG Page has been the go to home and hardware company for Hudson Valley residents. HG Page prides themselves on providing complete customer satisfaction by sharing knowledgeable advice and assistance throughout any renovation process. Featured Home and Bathroom showrooms are furnished with high quality and competitively priced products that will suit anyone’s style. The Ellenbogen Group produced a TV spot that featured HG Page’s Home Design showroom in their Poughkeepsie location.

Kristen Prince, Advertising and Marketing Coordinator explains, “Our goal was to produce a national looking tv spot that still has a ‘local’ appeal and reinforces the long standing tradition of the HG Page brand. We feel this really hits the mark, and is exactly what we were looking for”.

The TV spot features a first time home-buying couple upgrading their kitchen. The process is made easy with HG Page’s assistance. Proud of their newly furnished kitchen, the couple cannot wait to begin their next project!

“Since there is so much competition in the home improvement arena, we needed to find a way for the commercials to stand out (in a good way) next to Home Depot, Lowes, and other local competitors running ads on TV. By producing a TV spot with this storyline, it demonstrates HG Page’s dedication to helping homeowners create a dream home,” explains Jeremy Ellenbogen, President of Ellenbogen Creative Media.
The spot also featured a new music jingle that will also be used for a radio advertising campaign.

During the same shooting day, the crew also shot footage for Page’s outdoor living center TV spot that will air in the spring.

The thirty second spot features HG Page’s Home and Design Showroom, but doesn’t reveal all their hidden treasures! View the TV Spot below and visit HG Page to begin your renovation.

Why did Dr. Jay Ajmo decide to work with Ellenbogen over the various production companies in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? After viewing the latest Prettau commerials produced for Tischler Dental, Dr. Jay Ajmo and Office Administrator Amy Oakes were confident in our skills and experiences. He and Oakes flew into New York on November 16th to shoot footage for two television commercials, one infomercial, and a web video production.

Dr. Ajmo revealed, “Your team (Ellenbogen) was awesome! Thanks for doing such a great job on the shoot. You guys made us really comfortable and were really professional”.

The shoot took place throughout Dr. Tischler’s 10,000 square foot world-class facility. Dr. Ajmo and Ms. Oakes discussed the life-changing product, Prettau that is custom made for patients in Tischler Dentals’ in-house laboratory.  The implant bridge is then offered to dental offices throughout the US, such as PGA Dentistry.  Dr. Ajmo performs the Prettau Implant Bridge and is currently working on about a dozen cases with Dr. Michael Tischler at the Tischler Dental Laboratory.

The Ellenbogen Group has been specializing in medical, dental, and pharmaceutical advertising, with twenty-eight years of experience in digital media. The footage was shot simultaneously with a two Canon 5D Mark IIs and a Canon 35mm Lens.
The PGA Dentistry web video and television spot will be listed when completed.

The Ellenbogen team just wrapped production of the 2012 United Way of Dutchess and Orange County, campaign video.

The video was shown at their annual kick-off event and is used to set the stage for individual meetings and presentations at companies and organizations throughout the campaign drive.

The concept of this video shows how we can all help to “re-draw” the lines that divide the “haves” and the “have-nots” in our region.  These connecting lines of help, caring, and financial support, can bring all of us closer, making for a better community as a whole.

This is Ellenbogen’s fifth campaign kickoff video for the United Way, working with Toolbelt Media, and we feel it is the most powerful one yet.
Every shot was done in the Hudson Valley by our production team, and not one image was stock footage. We shoot all the footage with a Canon 5D MKII camera with the use of specialty “shift and tilt” lens system to get that very unique moving focus and shallow depth of field. In post production we added a special slow motion and color grading to make the video really smooth. Helicopter aerial video footage courtesy Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp, shot by Ellenbogen in 2011

Cast and Crew:

Talent for the video was proved by United Way

Written by Steven Berner, and Judith Brush
Jeremy Ellenbogen was the executive producer
Zoltan David was the director and cinematographer
Edited by Alex Pierson
and sound by Eric Jacobs
Narrated by Steve Berner

We feel this piece is really simple yet highly impactful, enjoy!