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Ellenbogen is at it again! This time, the crew traveled to Albany, NY to spend the day working with Digital Marketing Training Group, also known as DMTG. Throughout the day, the Ellenbogen Creative Media Team filmed promotional content for DMTG which will be featured on their website. DMTG aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to lead their own marketing agencies no matter what type of experience they have in the field. The organization holds frequent, in-person classes in topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and building an online presence.

The video featured an on-camera discussion from upper-level executives about the services offered and the need for digital marketing in today’s economy through either a digital marketing agency in Denver, for example, or personal digital marketing conducted in-house. Founder Kris Roglieri and Marketing Director Joe Shaffer spoke directly about how digital marketing is important for all businesses when attempting to sell a service or product to the public, as well as how DMTG keeps up with the latest trends in the industry to serve their graduates and their clients in the best ways possible. The crew at Ellenbogen created a single camera setup for the videos and featured an array of sound and lighting equipment which produced smooth, clean content that will enhance DMTG’s online presence. They also utilized a Ronin-M gimbal stabilizer for b-roll footage of the staff working to achieve success in their everyday duties.

The team at Digital Marketing Training Group has over 75 years of combined digital marketing experience. Many of the program’s graduates operate out of Albany and the surrounding areas. Founder and entrepreneur Kris Roglieri saw a need for a program which could provide those looking to promote businesses through online marketing tactics with the sources they would need to launch their careers.The staff at DMTG provides graduates of the program with support in generating tangible results for their clients, which can include anything from web design to technical support and analytics. DMTG’s training encourages graduates to gain clientele and run their business at their own pace while having 24/7 access to the supports they provide after the end of the program.

Digital marketing is extremely important since many people are turning to devices such as smartphones and computers for their business, entertainment, and lifestyle needs. Consumers are using internet resources to become informed about various products and services now more than ever, which means many businesses have the opportunity to reach audiences who they usually do not target or reach in their campaigns. While traditional marketing methods continue to reach the same audiences with the messaging, digital marketing and advertising strategies may be the way to go when selling a product to future consumers.

To find out more about the Digital Marketing Training Group and their work, visit their website at https://www.digitalmarketingbusiness.com.

One of the areas that Ellenbogen Creative Media focuses on is the dental industry thanks to a great partnership with Dr. Michael Tischler and the Prettau Implant Bridge. Since it’s been introduced to patients in the United States, we’ve been helping Dr. Tischler promote and market the up and coming brand to dentists across the country. One of those dentists is Dr. Glen Goldstein of Randolph Dental in Randolph, New Jersey.

Dr. Goldstein attended one of Dr. Tischler’s Prettau seminars and said, “They helped build a very successful practice for Dr. Tischler. After seeing their work and what they did promoting the Prettau bridge for him I knew that working with them would be a perfect fit for our practice.”

Through the use of patient testimonials, on camera interviews and scripted informational videos, we were able to provide Randolph Dental with marketing ammunition aimed to attract new patients to a higher profit product which ultimately yields growth for his practice. We produced a television commercial which will run on Cablevision in Northern New Jersey, and also shot still photos for use in print and the website. Jeremy Ellenbogen couldn’t be happier with the results, “Dr. Goldstein did everything exactly as we planned. He picked fantastic case studies for the testimonial videos, stuck to the planned schedule and had his office prepped to look beautiful on the day of the shoot. We love when clients are as excited as we are to create! It makes the end product look that much better!”

In post production, our editor and motion graphics designer, Andy Pidanick, brought out the creativity with a unique graphics treatment. “Motion tracking adds a different approach to most dental commercials. It’s always a fun thing to do.” That combined with beautiful HD visuals, we produced very effective videos.

Ellenbogen Production Manager, Amanda Popovich, was on set for the two-day shoot and appreciated the enthusiasm. “Dr. Goldstein and his team were great! They loved seeing the behind the scenes action and were always ready to help us move things, jump on camera for b-roll shots and make our time there a lot of fun! We send a big ‘thank you’ to Randolph Dental for the warm hospitality!”

If Dr. Goldstein could think of one word to describe his video shoot experience it would be: “Outstanding! The final productions were outstanding! Needless to say I am very impressed with every facet of their work. If you want to promote yourself and your services Ellenbogen is the go-to company.” You can see all of Randolph Dental’s videos on their website: www.RandolphDental.com

Randolph Dental 30 second Prettau from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.

It was pretty evident by the giggles and random outbursts that people were having fun at the Vine Van Gogh ‘sip and paint’ parties held around the Hudson Valley! Not only are inner artists reborn and friendships strengthened with lasting memories…but a new local business is growing and we were brought on to help!

Vine Van Gogh hired Ellenbogen Creative Media to produce a video for their Indiegogo crowd funding page seeking donations for franchise expansion. The video needed to explain what the company does, the method of it’s success, how they hope to grow and how donations can help them achieve this goal! Vine Van Gogh realized video was the best way to get that message out and they wanted something spectacular! Taking the most economical route in the beginning, Vine Van Gogh hired a different production company to save a few bucks…but quickly realized, you get what you pay for! Owners Tim and Melissa Palladino were not impressed with the video presented and immediately turned to Ellenbogen Creative Media to get it done right! Tim said he knew from the start that this was going to be a better product as soon as he saw the attention to detail and level of equipment used on set. “Ellenbogen is the real deal. It’s not one guy with a camcorder. They are a skilled crew with all the right gear. Yes, you pay a little more, but what you get in return is well worth it! They know what they’re doing and do it really, really well! From the creativity in shots and team approach on set right down to the editing, we knew we were in good hands. We absolutely love the video…from the professional quality to the informational content…it’s everything we asked for! It’s great!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, was glad to take on the project. “We did everything we could to make sure we covered the sip and paint events, got enthusiastic testimonials and conducted a good interview with Tim and Melissa. Our crew really captured what Vine Van Gogh is. When you invest in your business it shows…and what’s more important than your promotional material?! You have to make sure it’s a good representation.” Tim and Melissa are so happy with the Vine Van Gogh video that they have plans to work with Ellenbogen Creative Media to produce even more! As the company grows they see the need for having training videos, private party promotional videos even television ads!

Our crew covered four sip and paint events around the Valley gathering footage of budding artists hard at work …and ‘not-so-budding’ artists enjoying the spirits more than the canvas! Director of client services for Ellenbogen, Andrea Chafouleas, spent time on set, “We want to thank everyone that participated at the events and shared their artwork with us…you weren’t the only ones laughing! And we say that with the utmost respect. There was one person that decided to draw a monkey in the country landscape scene…and another that drew very questionable farm silos. Seeing you have fun, made us have fun!”

Be sure to visit Vine Van Gogh’s Indiegogo crowd funding page and support the expansion of this great budding business!

Vine Van Gogh – Crowd-funding Video from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.

Yup, that’s what our DP was armed with when he visited Nashville this week.

What is Ellenbogen Creative Media doing in Nashville, Tennessee? Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame? Taking a tour of Music Row and the historic RCA Studio B? Visiting the Parthenon? The Grand Ole Opry? Nope! Better. Shooting a testimonial video for a very smart client of ours!

Ellenbogen has been working with Commercial Capital Training Group, CCTG, for several years now helping them grow their vast collection of testimonial videos from successful graduates of their course! CCTG pulls students from all over the United States offering an intense week-long seminar on starting a business in the commercial lending industry. CEO, Kris Roglieri, understands the importance of peer to peer recommendation, “I can tell you til I’m blue in the face how much you’ll gain from our class, but hearing it directly from a graduate who has put the tools to use and has made a successful business for themselves is something more powerful than me or any advertisement. It’s great to see! We have people from all professional backgrounds looking for a change or a new venture attend our classes…getting their testimonials is proof that what we teach actually works!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, couldn’t agree more! “Video testimonials not only appeal to the viewer as the most genuine form of affirmation…but having video on your website drives rankings which increases hits, which ultimately leads to sales. Video testimonials are very powerful when used properly. Kris knows the potential and sees the results!”

While in Tennessee, our crew did find some down time to take in the up and coming country music scene. Director of Photography, Zoltan David, loved it saying, “I look really good in cowboy hats! Nashville is my new home!”



Hope is the essence by which The Villa Veritas foundation is based. From their humble beginning, to their steady growth, some forty years later, Jim and Sue Cusack, founders of Villa Veritas, take a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

The “Villa”, a not-for-profit inpatient rehabilitation and wellness center, celebrated their 40th anniversary this year! To keep the legacy going, they are fulfilling their dream of passing on the torch to their employees, some of whom are former patients.

Ellenbogen Creative Media has had the privilege of being part of their journey since the early 1990’s, when Ellenbogen was just beginning their journey as well. Their relationship started when the Villa needed to have their photographs put onto tapes for viewing, then the taping of their first video project “The Road to a Spiritual Recovery.” Ellenbogen and The Villa have grown together! Now, years later, those VHS tapes were converted to digital media for archiving, and the production five videos this year, have brought the Villa into the digital future.

Jim and Sue Cusack, turned to Ellenbogen once again to help them create a promotional video: “Villa Veritas – Past, Present, and Future”. The primary purpose of this video was to let prospective patients know how Villa Veritas can help them and their loved ones. The other purpose was to help create awareness and raise money for their new retreat center.

“The video really helped showcase the dedication, commitment, and passion of the dozens of employees, as well as showcase the natural beauty and amenities that the Villa has to offer.” said Jeremy Ellenbogen, who produced the video.

The Ellenbogen crew interviewed all employees who shared their personal stories. Photography and video were taken at the 40th Anniversary party this year and added to the video project. In addition to shooting the video, Ellenbogen handled the full media package for the Villa project including graphic design, updating their website content, adding new photos, building a YouTube channel for them to start building a social media platform, and using this as an outreach tool. The promotional video was created and Jim and Sue loved the final production! This is now in the duplication process getting ready to distribute.

“We love working with the Jeremy and his team. He really gets our vision and took care of the entire process exceeding our expectations. I could not imagine who else we would trust for our digital media needs.” said Sue Cusack, one of the company founders.

The story doesn’t end here! Jim Cusack has just completed his second book, “Trouble is a Gift”. Ellenbogen will be involved in the creation of the book trailers and a social media campaign to spread the word of hope.

What do you do when you want to introduce a new product but this product is intangible? It can sometimes be difficult to explain. So what are the alternatives? Well, the logical thing to do is to show it!

Stephen Fells, Co-Founder and CEO of Agency Logic, created an empowering web-based tool for real estate agents. Fells needed to create a video presentation for an annual technology conference in San Francisco, but wanted to both, show the software in action, and have actual clients tell their story of success with the product.

Over the course of one day Ellenbogen shot approximately a half dozen interviews, with one of Agency Logic’s clients, Prudential Serls Prime Properties Real Estate. Ellenbogen Senior Editor, Alex Pearson, then transformed this footage into four case study videos highlighting their experience and success with the Agency Logic single property websites and Agent digital profiles.

“We were happy we could meet his tight budget and deadline, and his client, Prudential Serls, saw the video and loved it as well, so much so, that they hired Ellenbogen to produce a video for their upcoming re-branding from Prudential to Berkshire Hathaway!” says Jeremy Ellenbogen, President & CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media. “We even produced an animation for his logo, to further communicate the brand image. The animation was used on his website and other forms of digital media”

Stephen Fells couldn’t have been happier and was very pleased that the animation of Follr really captured the essence of what the brand and product is and does.

Ellenbogen was hired by MMO Law to produce a series of promotional and testimonial videos for the launch of their new website.
The videos are featured on the homepage and testimonial pages of the website, giving viewers a chance to see the personalities and real-life stories of clients who they have helped.

The videos were shot both on-location at their beautiful office in Kingston,NY, and also in Ellenbogen’s green screen video studio.

Central Hudson Gas and Electric partnered with Lime Energy, a North Carolina based commercial lighting efficiency expert, to help Hudson Valley businesses lower their energy costs and upgrade their old lighting.
During tough economic times, Central Hudson is cognizant of the struggles many businesses are facing with rising energy costs. With this in mind, they had our crew (Ellenbogen) produce a two-minute informational video to promote their lighting and efficiency program.

Ashley Conger, Corporate Communications Director for Lime Energy said, “Many business owners are too busy to listen to a long sales pitch. This video quickly and simply explains the benefits of Central Hudson’s program and in two minutes, communicates our message perfectly.”

Central Hudson’s Business Lighting Upgrades helps companies reduce their energy consumption and provides valuable rebates for the replacement of outdated lighting fixtures throughout their facility. The video covered case studies of three Hudson Valley business (Prosource Flooring, Country Goose, and Smile Works) whom have benefited from the lighting upgrade program. The video was made up of interviews, b-roll footage of each company’s facility, and green screen footage hosted by Central Hudson Gas and Electric spokesperson.

Lenore Burton, Owner of Country Goose, revealed that within three months she saved money that she was now able to put towards advertising! This provided the opportunity of growth by reaching more of her target audience. Tom Fasoldt, ProSource Flooring, reinforced that this profitable service is aiding local companies during this economy. Central Hudson is even covering up to 70% of the complete installation costs!

These companies are now able to focus more on gaining new customers and enjoying their work environment as a result of the lighting program. “The office environment has improved ranging from better work ability to patient care,” says Dr. Cary Wagner, Smile Works, “I’m more than pleased with the benefits gained through this program.”

What better way to show off an incredible new senior housing facility then having the residents tell their story. That’s exactly what we did in a series of classy testimonial videos for Woodland Pond in New Paltz, NY.  You might think you are at a four star resort, but it’s HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s premier new senior and assisted living development. Ellenbogen produced a series of videos that are used as a promotional and information tool on the Woodland Pond website. Each story is true to life with real accounts from overwhelmingly satisfied residents. Testimonial, when well executed, are one of the best tools a company can use to help add credibility to any website. Have Ellenbogen produce one for your company.

Here are segments of the most recent testimonial videos.

Commercial Capital Training Group, based in Albany,NY and Atlanta,GA have been using client video testimonials (produced by Ellenbogen) to show potential students how effective their training seminars are.

Since January 2012, Ellenbogen has been traveling the country (Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, Mississippi, and North Carolina) to produce several success stories of recent CCTG graduates.   Each testimonial video is between 5 and 10 minutes long and contains in-depth responses to pressing questions that many prospective students have in the vetting process. Kris Roglieri, president of CCTG said, “the testimonial videos are the best marketing component of our website.” and “although it would be cheaper to just find a local crew in each city, I know that the (high) quality is going to be consistent by using the Ellenbogen Creative team.”

Techie Stuff:  The videos were shot with a Cannon 5D Mk2 DLSR camera so the imagery is very smooth and film-looking with crisp, clear audio recording and a music track. The editing process used Final Cut Pro and AfterEfx.

About CCTG:  Commercial Capital Training Group has been training entrepreneurs from all walks of life in the commercial finance marketplace for many years. They are a premier, one-of-a-kind training company that provides the most comprehensive commercial finance training and education in the commercial finance marketplace. CCTG’s  7 day seminar is creating a new breed of entrepreneurs in the commercial finance marketplace.


Watch the testimonial videos on CCTGs website