On October 1st 2013, Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation will present an in-depth discussion on the global scourge of cyber terrorism and its worldwide impact on business continuity. HVEDC, along with former Mayor of NYC, and one of the world’s foremost experts on homeland security, Rudy Giuliani will present a riveting evening filled with information on cybercrime and how we can protect ourselves.

Ellenbogen used innovative techniques, which included the use of Infographics, to create a powerful video to promote the upcoming cybersecurity event.  “The use of Infographics is a great way we use text and music to create an interesting, fun and quick presentation,” says Jeremy Ellenbogen, President & CEO of Ellenbogen Creative.  “Multi-camera Blackmagic webcasting system will be used to make this event available worldwide,” continues Ellenbogen.

“At Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation our goal is to always stay on the cutting edge of technology,”  says Larry Gottlieb President & CEO at HVEDC.  “Ellenbogen Creative Media gives us a clear path to achieve that goal.  That is why we chose them to create this promotional video as well as capture the October 1st event.”