For short story writer and author John Covenant, Ellenbogen Creative Media helped one of his lifelong dreams come true: to see his book, ‘The Tree That Dreamed’, come to life though video animation.  With only the words of the story and beautiful illustrations, our editor, Andy Pidanick, was able to make ‘The Tree That Dreamed’ come to life!

Andy was glad he was put on this project saying, “Being able to help John see his vision come to life on screen was very rewarding to me!  The video we created for him was just a teaser for his KickStarter project, but gave John a look at what the bigger picture would be.  And he loved it!  Once he reaches his fundraising goal, we will animate the entire book into a short film.  It’s pretty exciting to be a part of it!”

And it’s been exciting for John as well!  He never imagined the teaser video would be as amazing as it is!  “Andy blew me away with what he was able to do with the raw material I gave him!  He is a true wizard at his craft!  I am very excited to complete this project with The Ellenbogen Group and show the world what I believe is a great story about nature, life and the spiritual connection among all!”

This was an unusual project for us to tackle at Ellenbogen as President Jeremy Ellenbogen explains, “Bringing books to life through video is not something we do everyday here!  With only voiceover and illustrations, creating a visually interesting piece is quite an undertaking.  I think Andy nailed it!”

Andy used the program After Effects to layer and add motion to the illustrations.  We also worked with Tom Desisto of Desisto Music for all of the audio engineering/mixing.  Tom supplied us with a professional voiceover, sound effects and custom music score.

Visit John’s KickStarter page to help him reach his fundraising goal to complete this great project!