As the Spring homebuying season picks up, many realtors are choosing to market their homes to potential buyers using aerial still images and video content captured on drones. Drone footage is changing the way realtors and homeowners, and commercial landlords market property in all regions around the country. For example, drone photography and videography lets anyone create stunning, realistic aerial images at a low cost. This allows potential homebuyers to get an idea of what the home looks like inside and out before purchasing or seeing the house in-person. The use of drones when marketing a home or commercial building can also generate buzz for local real estate agencies and the realtors who work with them, as it sets them apart from others attempting to sell property in a specific area.

According to TechHelpline, 770,000 drones are currently registered with the FAA for use with real estate photography and beyond ( This proves that drone imaging is a powerful tool and will become essential to marketing real estate properties and beyond. Drone usage can also be a great tool for inspecting areas of a home which were difficult to examine before, such as roofs and chimneys. It can also be useful when capturing images inside a property with large ceilings and high floors.

Recently, the team at Ellenbogen Creative Media was hired by one of the Hudson Valley’s largest real estate companies to work with one of their clients and our FAA licensed drone pilots and create  a video about a local property for sale in Accord, NY. The house is on a large-scale property of over 130 acres. The home gave the Ellenbogen staff the opportunity to capture footage from hundreds of feet in the air. When filming content, it was important to the real estate agent that we operate the drone in the Spring so we could get a clear image of the woodlands without having views blocked by the nearby trees. Since the home also features a swimming pool, multiple gardens, and a sprawling forest in the backyard, it was essential to have drones film the entire property to capture everything it has to offer future buyers. The final video featuring this property will be edited into a two minute piece and will be featured on social media and multiple real estate listings. To find out how drone usage can help you market your real estate property, please contact, give us a call at 845-338-4336 or email us at