Our crew packed their bags and left snowy, cold New York for a video shoot in sunny, warm West Palm Beach, Florida!

We’ve been working with Dr. Jay Ajmo of PGA Dental for a while helping him promote his dental practice and the Prettau Implant Bridge.  Dr. Ajmo is a strong proponent for video marketing and has seen much success with the addition of web videos on his site.  “The folks at Ellenbogen never fail to impress me!  The quality they put out is top notch.  My videos are standouts!  Potential patients being able to see me, listen to my passion for dentistry and see what they’re in for beforehand is a big plus for them and ultimately me.”  And that is why videos are so important.  Videos allow patients a tiny step into your practice.  And of course, you want to put your best foot forward!  That’s where The Ellenbogen Group comes in!

We spent two days working with Dr. Ajmo and several of his patients gathering interviews, patient testimonials, dental office footage, and high quality photographs .  We utilized a Dana Dolly for added subtle motion to already beautiful shots and spent time shooting off-site for that personal feel to the patient testimonials.  Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, talks about pride in our work, “We always put in that extra effort to make our work stand out.  Be it set design, lighting or camera movement, you can tell when videos are done by professionals who know what they’re doing…and when videos are done just to get it done.”  Not only do we create effective videos, we foster great relationships!   “Jay was very hospitable to our crew as always!  Being from out of the area he made us feel welcome and showed us around town!”

Dr. Ajmo received three web videos and three television ads that he is currently running on both Broadcast and Cable.  As soon as he is ready to expand his video library, our crew will be more than happy to make the trip!