Ellenbogen Group joined with Mainetti Mainetti and O’Conner to produce a tribute video dedicated to local fallen heroes from Ulster County. We worked closely with the law firm to produce this video (who also donated most of the money that was needed to create the video.) Pamel broadcasting also helped run and help promote the event on the local radio stations.

The video was aired before the 4th of July fireworks display in Kingston. The video featured pictures of local veterans and the war and branch they served in. The video used graphic animation and was edited by both our editors Alex Pearson and Andy Pidanic. Ellenbogen donated portions of our services as a way to give back to the veteran’s commitment for serving our country. “This was a way we could show our thanks to our local fallen heroes as a video production company,” said Jeremy Ellenbogen, President and CEO. “It was fun working together with Mainetti Mainetti and O’Conner to produce this tribute video and made me realize the true dedication that the people from our Armed Forces have.”

Also featured in the video were several public officials who came into our studio at Seven21 to say a few words for the video in front of our green screen. Included in the video were New York State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo, US Congressman Chris Gibson, and New York State Senator Bill Larkin Jr.

Each of them spoke about the importance of recognizing the 4th of July and honoring our local heroes. The video was also dedicated to two local heroes who lost their lives in Afghanistan, Sgt. Shawn Farrell of Accord and Pfc. Doug Cordo of Kingston.