Congratulations to Marshall and Sterling Insurance as they celebrate 150 years in business! As they reached this milestone, they began to reflect on how much business has changed over the years and what it really was that kept them going…the people! Wanting to share their story and honor the great business they’ve become, they brought Ellenbogen Creative Media in to create a beautiful retrospective video!

Gathering information, tracking down photographic nostalgia and arranging for interviews with offices from here in New York to their office in the US Virgin Islands, kept Marshall and Sterling’s Director of Communications, Deke Rothacker, busy! But it all paid off as the retrospective video came together and covered the business like a good insurance plan should! Rothacker enjoyed the process, “It was nice hearing of the history as told from our senior staff, especially seeing them light up when they spoke of the old days where selling horse and carriage insurance was quite common. It was also very important to us to include as many of our locations and staff members as possible. This is a huge celebratory year for us at Marshall and Sterling, and we’re all a part of the success!”

Our crew spent several days visiting not only Marshall and Sterling’s offices, but also some local clients of theirs to hear what they had to say about doing business with the insurance giant. Shooting on a portable green screen, employees, management, president and CEO of the company offered their memories and messages of thanks. Case studies were done of a few clients at their places of business with various b-roll taken to show complexity and variation of businesses M&S can cover.

Putting the footage together in a cohesive way was the task at hand for Ellenbogen Creative Media editor, Alex Pearson. “Retrospective pieces are always fun for me…it’s great to see success, especially 150 years of success! Deke and our crew were able to capture great interviews and a solid foundation of historic and new footage for the piece. Editing with Deke was great, we had a good layout script to go by and everything fell into place. I’m really happy with how it turned out and wish them another 150 years of success!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media partnered with Steve Berner, of Toolbelt Media, to work on the piece. Toolbelt Media and Ellenbogen have worked together with Marshall and Sterling since 2003 producing over 20 projects for the firm. Steve Berner is proud of their success, “150 years is a great accomplishment that should be celebrated and commemorated! We are honored to have helped along the way!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, was honored to be a part of the celebration! “We’ve had a great relationship with Marshall and Sterling over the years, seeing where they started to where they are now is inspiring as a business owner. It shows you can evolve with the times with complete success! Having a video on hand like this is not only a good history video for the archives, but it’s good for company morale! The employee involvement gets them excited and ready for even more success! Congratulations Marshall and Sterling!”

Marshall and Sterling can utilize the video in many ways. To date they have played it at a local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting and posted it to their webpage, social media sites and YouTube channel!


Thank you to the following businesses for their cooperation in making this video happen!


Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie –

S&O Construction –

Hannay Reels –

Dimension Fabricators –

The Buccaneer Hotel, St. Criox –

Mazzone Hospitality –