Central Hudson Gas and Electric partnered with Lime Energy, a North Carolina based commercial lighting efficiency expert, to help Hudson Valley businesses lower their energy costs and upgrade their old lighting.
During tough economic times, Central Hudson is cognizant of the struggles many businesses are facing with rising energy costs. With this in mind, they had our crew (Ellenbogen) produce a two-minute informational video to promote their lighting and efficiency program.

Ashley Conger, Corporate Communications Director for Lime Energy said, “Many business owners are too busy to listen to a long sales pitch. This video quickly and simply explains the benefits of Central Hudson’s program and in two minutes, communicates our message perfectly.”

Central Hudson’s Business Lighting Upgrades helps companies reduce their energy consumption and provides valuable rebates for the replacement of outdated lighting fixtures throughout their facility. The video covered case studies of three Hudson Valley business (Prosource Flooring, Country Goose, and Smile Works) whom have benefited from the lighting upgrade program. The video was made up of interviews, b-roll footage of each company’s facility, and green screen footage hosted by Central Hudson Gas and Electric spokesperson.

Lenore Burton, Owner of Country Goose, revealed that within three months she saved money that she was now able to put towards advertising! This provided the opportunity of growth by reaching more of her target audience. Tom Fasoldt, ProSource Flooring, reinforced that this profitable service is aiding local companies during this economy. Central Hudson is even covering up to 70% of the complete installation costs!

These companies are now able to focus more on gaining new customers and enjoying their work environment as a result of the lighting program. “The office environment has improved ranging from better work ability to patient care,” says Dr. Cary Wagner, Smile Works, “I’m more than pleased with the benefits gained through this program.”