After 30 years of dedication and unmatchable resilience, the Ellenbogen family has sold the video duplication and transfer part of the business to a trusted friend and previous employee! Greg Kanan, owner of Good Greif Film and Video in Kingston, has purchased all of the duplication equipment and has vowed to keep the same quality workmanship going for many years to come; and that makes the Ellenbogen’s very happy!

Ellenbogen Creative Media was built on a foundation of customer care.  When Henry and Alice Ellenbogen started the business in their home, their philosophy was always customer service, and it still remains the same today.  The Ellenbogen family has been trusted with millions of feet of home movie films for people in the Hudson Valley.  The family-owned business was built on the legacy of video conversions, but offered many services such as film, slides, and photo transfer to DVD, VHS and other video tape conversion, audio conversion, digital archiving, and DVD/CD duplication.

The Ellenbogen Group has grown from a mom and pop shop to the Hudson Valley’s largest creative media production facility occupying a portion of its 30,000sf facility.  The creative business has doubled each year and it continues to thrive.  “We sold the duplication department to make room for our growing video production business, and focus our staff on creative digital media services”, President and CEO Jeremy Ellenbogen explained.  The family has trusted former employee, Greg Kanan with the service and sold him the side business this year. Greg stated, “I’m very excited for the opportunity to carry forward the tradition of quality service set forth by the Ellenbogen family. We will offer all the same services with the same attention to detail that customers have come to expect over the past 30 years. We will be introducing new services and products, as well, geared toward the niche, but vibrant, global market of Super 8 film enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals.” Greg was one of the first hires for the duplication center when Ellenbogen moved to its current location at 721 Broadway in Kingston and ran the department for 3 years.  Jeremy Ellenbogen said, “Greg has perfect knowledge of the process and many of our clients have already dealt with him.  He’s familiar with the work and customers can expect the same quality service we always gave them”. The duplication center will be moved only a few blocks to 356 Broadway in Kingston, and will be called Good Grief Film & Video. “We wanted someone who could carry on the legacy, someone reliable,” owner Henry Ellenbogen said.

Alice and Henry Ellenbogen hope to retire soon and parting with this part of the business was the first step.  Their journey began in the basement of their home in 1984 and continued on St. James St. when they opened their shop in 1990.  Throughout the years Henry and Alice have worked hard to accommodate their loyal clients.  Some of these customers include various police departments, the FDR Library and thousands of local families and businesses.  “We are proud of the company and we feel lucky to have met so many people through the business along the way.  We’ve touched a lot of lives in the Hudson Valley so it’s bitter sweet,” Alice Ellenbogen stated.  Duplication was the start of this successful family business and the creative media center will continue to flourish.  Jeremy Ellenbogen said, “We are looking to the future, but we will never forget the foundation of this company.”