As the nation celebrates nurses this month, Health Quest/Vassar Brothers Medical Center honored its nursing staff with a very special tribute video
highlighting those who give their all every day to help save lives. Over the course of three days, the Ellenbogen Creative team covered the hospital
grounds, capturing moments reflecting a day in the life of a nurse. We interviewed more than a dozen members of the nursing staff and really got a feel for what it means to say, “I’m a nurse at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.”

“When you walk through the halls and see smiling faces and cheery greetings, it’s hard to believe that these heroes were on the tail end of an 18-hour shift. During that shift they’ve seen new life and patient breakthroughs … but they’ve also seen trauma, broken bones and heartache. … And yet, they still smile. Genuine smiles,” Ellenbogen Group production manager Amanda Popovich said, noting that it’s proof they love what they do!

John Nelson, Director of Public and Community Affairs for Health Quest, couldn’t agree more. “We have amazing, highly trained nurses here at Vassar Brothers Medical Center who come to work every day, not just because it’s their job … but because it’s their calling! We wanted to celebrate them, to create a video that tells their story, expresses their passion for nursing and reflects the pride they have in Vassar Brothers. We feel Ellenbogen did a great job capturing that!”

Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO Jeremy Ellenbogen was honored to have been chosen to work on this project. “It’s always a pleasure working with such an exceptional group of professionals that have the same drive and passion for their field that we do. Health Quest has a stellar reputation and to be chosen as a company that meets their standards, needs and requirements says a lot!”

The Nurse’s Week video premiered at a reception honoring Vassar’s 718 nurses and was well-received with smiles, tears and emotion. All of us at Ellenbogen Creative Media offer a huge ‘Thank you!’ to all nurses for not only saving lives, but for offering the comfort needed during recovery.

About the process:
Our crew got a taste of what it’s like to be a nurse in the operating rooms. We had to don full sterile wardrobe coverings, hairnets and booties. Zoltan David, our director of photography, loved it the most and continues to wear the sterile uniform on all shoots.


Our crew used full HD gear, a dana dolly, wheelchair, and time-lapse video during the production process. Health Quest was a huge help with scheduling the nurse interviews and working endlessly to secure appropriate empty space to shoot b-roll scenes throughout the campus. A big ‘Thank you!’ to John and his team for being so accommodating!


Vassar Brothers Nurses Final from Ellenbogen Creative Media on Vimeo.