The Ulster County Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its monthly Breakfast Briefings event on April 24, 2018. The meeting discussed how businesses can use or update their digital marketing strategies to reach larger audiences and connect with new generations. Jeremy Ellenbogen, CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media, spoke about the ways businesses can use video content to market their services or products in the digital world. He presented the topic to representatives from the top businesses in Ulster County and provided them with insight into how digital video could connect businesses to audiences efficiently and effectively.

Jeremy discussed the answers to eight different questions companies may have when beginning to create video content. These ranged from why companies would need video to how they could start making their own content that would benefit their business. He then went on to explain how video content can bring consumers to an organization and boost product sales. For example, he stated that adding video to a company website or social media post could increase the chance of action from consumers and bring more people to a website or service. It was also suggested that companies should attempt to produce as much video content as they can to ensure that demographics can follow along with their everyday workings and stay relevant with the public.

According to the presentation, videos that manage to entertain, educate, and engage their audience will get consumers to pay attention to a company and their product or service. The best way that companies can begin to utilize video content is to simply start filming, and this can be done with any type of technology, ranging from smartphones to the latest and greatest cameras and sound equipment. Jeremy Ellenbogen also noted that the cost of creating videos has gone down since companies can share one video link on multiple social media platforms and even partner up with other companies to create video content that promotes the efforts of both teams, similar to cooperative advertising.

He also cited some examples of Ellenbogen’s past projects with local businesses and beyond to show how great videos can make or break a businesses digital marketing strategy. He specifically mentioned how a time lapse video taken of a mural being painted went viral and reached audiences all over the world, promoting the work of audiences in the local area. Ellenbogen also produced an infographic video with Crown Maple of Dover Plains, NY explaining the differences between traditional table syrup found in most homes and true maple syrup. This video also went viral and is a great example of how content made in a timely, inexpensive manner with simple information can bring the most attention a product.

The event ended with a brief question and answer session from Jeremy and the other speakers at the event, as well as a chance for the attendees to speak one-on-one with each other.