Seven21 Media Center is gearing up for a very busy 2014! Construction is underway on the new Ellenbogen Creative Media office space! We are utilizing underused studio space and turning it into state-of-the-art creative suites for our production team!

Transforming over 3,000 square feet of office space is no simple task and has Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, extremely busy! “Basically, we gutted our set storage studio, added a second level, planned out for three edit suites, a production suite, conference room, screening room and manager’s office. I’ve had this vision for a while, it’s nice to finally see it come to life!” The plan to bring the whole group together to work in close proximity with each other is a step in the right direction towards expanding creativity. “The new space will allow us to easily work together on projects, do more creative brainstorming and really work like a team! Right now, we are all in different offices throughout the 721 Media Center…although we do have a strong unit…being next door rather than on the other side of the building is going to be nice!”

Our new space will have a modern, trendy, urban loft feel. We are incorporating glass walls, exposed metal duct work, steel stair-casing, and customized LED lighting fixtures – which, of course, will be extremely energy efficient. New furniture is also taken into consideration, and quality ones from stores like office monster can be sourced. The layout was carefully planned to be both comfortable for our staff and client-friendly.

The remodel began the first week of January and is expected to be move-in ready mid-March. Local construction laborers have been working on site non-stop and ahead of schedule! Once we are moved in, we will be hosting an open house and invite everyone to stop by and check out our new home!