Michael Tischler DDS- Tischler Dental

Dr. Tischler is one of the most respected dentists in the country and a leader in implant dentistry. Tischler is a featured lecturer, innovator, and owns an awarding-winning dental facility in Woodstock, NY that is completely state-of-the-art, resembling more of a five star spa rather than a dental office. His passion for aesthetics transcends to every aspect of Tischler’s practice including innovative digital marketing. Since 2004 Ellenbogen has produced close to a dozen video and TV commercial projects for Tischler and the success of each campaign has been right on the mark. Dr. Tischler shares some of his positive working experiences with Ellenbogen.

“The Implant ad that they produced was pure genius…There is only one creative production company that I would even think of trusting my practice’s image to… that’s Ellenbogen.”