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More often than you could imagine, we hear stories of freelance video producers who are desperately eager to jump right into production. These over-zealous creatives will work to convince you that the sooner you have produced content, the sooner you can begin your video marketing efforts. Save your money.

Strategy is the single most important underpinning of a video marketing campaign. Without it, your content will be uninspiring . . . as will your results.

Our Roadmap to Success is built on that which is often neglected – strategy.  We start by collecting valuable insights via a process we have named RESULTS, because that’s what we want you to achieve.




Our first step is to acquire an in-depth understanding of your company – its goals, audience, and most importantly, objectives. The creation of short-, intermediate, and long-term objectives helps keep our strategy on the right track.



Your current base of customers is usually a predictor of your target audience moving forward . . . but sometimes that’s not the case. You will reap the greatest success by narrowcasting your messaging to a qualified audience with true interest in your offering. Based on your objectives, we will determine whether your target audience mirrors your existing customer base.



Content should trigger an emotional response that will drive a specific action. In order to craft a story that elicits this emotional response, Ellenbogen interviews both members of your audience and company to better identify the feeling(s) with which you want your audience to walk away.


Our analysis will create an understanding of whether or not your existing customer base is representative of your target audience, or if it is necessary to narrowcast to specific segments thereof in order to achieve the best results.



Armed with new, extensive knowledge of your target audience, Ellenbogen uses this learning to re-evaluate your strategic objectives.



Your strategic objectives may need to be realigned with your content goals and associated emotion-evoking messaging. Video should be purposeful, measurable, and able to cleanly support your overall strategy.



Now that your strategy and content goals align, Ellenbogen will leverage the insights collected via the RESULTS process to develop your personal Roadmap to Success.