Working with Vanguard Solar Energy was an exciting project for the Ellenbogen team! It was the first project for our new Producer/Scriptwriter Amanda Popovich! Coming to us with 15 years experience as a Producer/Director, Amanda took the project on with energy and excitement! Working with Cinematographer Zoltan David and Audio Engineer Mack Castillo, they interviewed numerous Vanguard customers in four different counties hearing of their success stories on going solar! From home and business owners to a non-profit school…solar power impacted not only their wallets, but their desire to save the environment and lessen dependence on fossil fuels.

Ellenbogen Editing Assistant, Eric Jacobs, turned the hours of testimonial footage into long form web videos and several television ads which Vanguard General Manager, Larry Lanigan, says have been very successful! “We’ve seen a definite jump in business since airing the ads. People are learning of the benefits of going solar…seeing people save money…seeing the easy set-ups at homes…it makes them want it for themselves! Business has been booming! Working with the Ellenbogen team was a fun experience too! Getting that ‘behind the scenes’ look at how video production is done was pretty cool!”

Success of the videos can be attributed to the genuine client testimonials. When people believe in a product and are excited over their experience, that energy comes across on screen making potential customers want that same excitement! One benefit of having long form web videos is being able to tell your story in depth and get your message across without having to be restricted to thirty or sixty seconds. Letting the story be told and having the chance to show longer scenes of the installation process is helpful; but having your informational video on hand ready to be viewed at any time by any one is by far the biggest asset.

Ellenbogen President, Jeremy Ellenbogen, stresses how important utilizing video in your marketing efforts is. “At The Ellenbogen Group, we specialize in various digital platforms. This project shows how video can be used in multiple ways…not just traditional video advertising. Vanguard has placed them on their website, Facebook page and YouTube. The reach you get from the web and social media is unreal!”

As for her experience working with her new co-workers, Amanda said, “The dedication this crew has is inspiring and contagious! Waiting for the perfect shot, paying attention to the minor details…it all adds up to a great end product! …doing all that and keeping it fun at the same time makes it exciting to go to work! We have a really good team here!”

Our Senior Editor, Alex Pearson, animated the logo giving the end product a high-end, polished look. This particular production allowed us to use several cameras including our Canon 5D DSLR, Sony EX-3 and GoPro. It was shot over several weeks in the Spring…when the sun was just right!