It’s not everyday we get to show off our skills to a worldwide audience…but this
weekend was one of them! The Trends Research Institute collaborated with
Ellenbogen Creative Media to provide audio and video coverage of the 2015 Trends
Forecast conference. Thoughtful leaders from around the globe follow ‘Trends’
founder, Gerald Celente, but don’t always get the opportunity to attend his quarterly
conferences. We helped make it possible by capturing the event with a three-
camera live switch set-up. Having the conference covered from arrival to final
goodbyes gives his worldwide subscriber following an inside look at what’s going
on at the Trends Research Institute.

Covering the 2015 Forecast event was no small task. Our on-set team of four
provided three cameras, two display monitors, video projection system, house
audio, event lighting, and a live switch system. We captured over six hours of video,
which was then edited into four downloadable videos placed on the Trends
Research Institute website. Subscribers from around the world will be able to view
the conference at their leisure beginning December 10th. Being able to provide this
kind of coverage was a first for ‘Trends’ and a very important step in satisfying the
subscriber base request.

Derek Osenenko, Trends Institute CEO, organized the entire conference. “It was a
massive undertaking preparing for such an event, where we not only want the
participants to have an informative, engaging time, but to also have a ‘Gerald Celente
experience’ as well. It’s exciting to know that the atmosphere of the day was not
lost…we had The Ellenbogen Group on hand to capture it! We can now use this
footage to help promote future conferences and really show followers what we are
all about! They’ve done a great job with all of our projects…there was no question
to bring them on for this one!”

Ellenbogen CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, was part of the crew for the event. “I couldn’t
be happier with how it all came out. The crew and equipment were flawless. We
used some new HDMI gear to help with audio issues in the room and everything
went just as planned. As always, our team worked well together and the event was
seamless! As an added bonus, I learned a lot and got to spend the day with a great
group of people!”

The 2015 Forecast covered the top trending topics impacting 2015, offered
attendees a chance to meet and mingle with Gerald over fine food and live jazz
music as well as tour the Trends Research Institute campus in Kingston, NY. The
conference can be viewed online through the Trends Research Institute website,