What do you do when you want to introduce a new product but this product is intangible? It can sometimes be difficult to explain. So what are the alternatives? Well, the logical thing to do is to show it!

Stephen Fells, Co-Founder and CEO of Agency Logic, created an empowering web-based tool for real estate agents. Fells needed to create a video presentation for an annual technology conference in San Francisco, but wanted to both, show the software in action, and have actual clients tell their story of success with the product.

Over the course of one day Ellenbogen shot approximately a half dozen interviews, with one of Agency Logic’s clients, Prudential Serls Prime Properties Real Estate. Ellenbogen Senior Editor, Alex Pearson, then transformed this footage into four case study videos highlighting their experience and success with the Agency Logic single property websites and Agent digital profiles.

“We were happy we could meet his tight budget and deadline, and his client, Prudential Serls, saw the video and loved it as well, so much so, that they hired Ellenbogen to produce a video for their upcoming re-branding from Prudential to Berkshire Hathaway!” says Jeremy Ellenbogen, President & CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media. “We even produced an animation for his logo, to further communicate the brand image. The animation was used on his website and other forms of digital media”

Stephen Fells couldn’t have been happier and was very pleased that the animation of Follr really captured the essence of what the brand and product is and does.