Hope is the essence by which The Villa Veritas foundation is based. From their humble beginning, to their steady growth, some forty years later, Jim and Sue Cusack, founders of Villa Veritas, take a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

The “Villa”, a not-for-profit inpatient rehabilitation and wellness center, celebrated their 40th anniversary this year! To keep the legacy going, they are fulfilling their dream of passing on the torch to their employees, some of whom are former patients.

Ellenbogen Creative Media has had the privilege of being part of their journey since the early 1990’s, when Ellenbogen was just beginning their journey as well. Their relationship started when the Villa needed to have their photographs put onto tapes for viewing, then the taping of their first video project “The Road to a Spiritual Recovery.” Ellenbogen and The Villa have grown together! Now, years later, those VHS tapes were converted to digital media for archiving, and the production five videos this year, have brought the Villa into the digital future.

Jim and Sue Cusack, turned to Ellenbogen once again to help them create a promotional video: “Villa Veritas – Past, Present, and Future”. The primary purpose of this video was to let prospective patients know how Villa Veritas can help them and their loved ones. The other purpose was to help create awareness and raise money for their new retreat center.

“The video really helped showcase the dedication, commitment, and passion of the dozens of employees, as well as showcase the natural beauty and amenities that the Villa has to offer.” said Jeremy Ellenbogen, who produced the video.

The Ellenbogen crew interviewed all employees who shared their personal stories. Photography and video were taken at the 40th Anniversary party this year and added to the video project. In addition to shooting the video, Ellenbogen handled the full media package for the Villa project including graphic design, updating their website content, adding new photos, building a YouTube channel for them to start building a social media platform, and using this as an outreach tool. The promotional video was created and Jim and Sue loved the final production! This is now in the duplication process getting ready to distribute.

“We love working with the Jeremy and his team. He really gets our vision and took care of the entire process exceeding our expectations. I could not imagine who else we would trust for our digital media needs.” said Sue Cusack, one of the company founders.

The story doesn’t end here! Jim Cusack has just completed his second book, “Trouble is a Gift”. Ellenbogen will be involved in the creation of the book trailers and a social media campaign to spread the word of hope.