Ellenbogen Creative Media wins their second consecutive Bronze Telly award for the production of a promotional video for the Ted Gibson Advanced Academy. The 35th annual Telly Awards this year accepted 12,000 entries spreading from all 50 states and several countries with categories ranging from internet and online programs to segment or promotional pieces and sales. Founded in 1979, the Telly Award is a prestigious award designed to recognize exceptional performance in video production in areas such as cable TV commercials and programs, videos and films.


Winners represent the best work of some of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. Ellenbogen Creative Media CEO, Jeremy Ellenbogen, is honored to be chosen among the select few, “We strive for perfection everyday with every project we take on here at Ellenbogen. Being recognized by the Telly Award judges really proves that we are producing stand out videos for our clients. We’re very excited to be recognized again this year!”


The Ellenbogen Group shot a three-minute promotional video encapsulating the importance of inner and outer beauty and how hairdressers have a strong responsibility to share their knowledge gained from the Ted Gibson Academy. Various crafty camera angles and close-up shots representing models, hairdressers and product effectively demonstrate Ted Gibson’s vision, “Beauty is individual.” Ellenbogen Director of Photography, Zoltan David, directed the shoot in New York City, “We wanted to capture the energetic, fun and creative atmosphere that always surrounds Ted Gibson and his team. This video was exciting from the start to the end, we made sure to capture the hairstylist’s focus and the model’s stillness, conveying a certain individuality, uniqueness, and work ethic that goes into each one of the designs. It was truly a great project to be a part of!”


Putting Ted Gibson’s vision in the video was a task Ellenbogen delivered with ease. The Ellenbogen Group took a whole different approach while working on effects and graphics to jazz up the video. To appeal and engage desired demographics, techniques were incorporated to bring hair and style to life. This video has been used through social media, at trade shows, on websites and has gotten tremendous feedback as a result!


Ted Gibson, owner of The Ted Gibson Academy, explains that he wants hairdressers to not only be educated, but also be able to implement a vision. Gibson couldn’t be happier for Ellenbogen’s accomplishment, “I absolutely love working with Ellenbogen! They are always able to bring my vision into reality and I trust them to bring my message across in a beautiful, artistic way. The video they created for my Ted Gibson Advanced Academy was absolutely incredible! They deserve a Telly Award and so much more!”  Jeremy Ellenbogen says, “Ted Gibson and his team are sending a valiant message that beauty is individual and we were excited to help him get that message out! We are incredibly honored to work with Ted and his team and to have been awarded the distinguished Telly Award for this latest promotional video.”


Ellenbogen Creative Media is a Kingston, NY based video production company with clients from all across the United States specializing in web videos, television commercials, training and promotional videos as well as video crew coverage for news events, press conferences, point to point video conferencing and corporate functions. Visit www.ellenbogenmedia.com


The Ted Gibson Academy is based in New York City with locations in New York, Florida and Dubai. Ted is a popular celebrity hair stylist, successful salon owner and innovative hair product developer. Visit www.tedgibsonbeauty.com