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  1. What We Do

    Do you know what to expect from your videos and how to measure their success? You should. Increased brand awareness is a start, but it’s not enough. Your videos should be purposeful and aimed at achieving your marketing objectives. Lead generation. Conversions. Retention.
    Ellenbogen Creative Media will use your unique marketing objectives to map the content for each video, crafting engaging campaigns that resonate with the customers who will positively impact your sales pipeline and bottom line.

  2. How We Do It.

    Video must be strategic, purposeful, and used in measurable ways. Our tried and true procedural roadmap to success guides the production of videos that will make a profound impact with your potential customers. Connection. Engagement. Sharing. Decision-making. Increased business.

  3. Who We Are

    We’re a small team of responsive, passionate, dedicated creative professionals with the talent to craft captivating video content that leads your audience to take meaningful action. Cutting-edge creative direction. Innovative design. Expert storytelling. Distribution Expertise. Marketing acumen. Metrics analytics. Our in-house specialists have you covered.


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